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Queenstown Road Medical Practice, 14 Queenstown Road, London. SW8 3RX

The Church Lane Practice, 2 Church Lane, Merton Park, London Sw19 3ny

The Cannon Hill Lane Medical Practice, 153 Cannon Hill Lane, Raynes Park, London Sw20

Morden Hall Medical Centre, 256 Morden Road, Morden, London SW19 3DA

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surgery addresses

Ashville Surgery, Swan House, Parsons Green Lane, London Sw6 4hs

510 Fulham Palace Road, London Sw6 6jd

21 Gowan Avenue, London Sw6 6rh

Imperial College Health Centre, Southside, Princes Gardens, London Sw7 1lu

29 Thurloe Street, London Sw7 2lq

18 Thurloe Street, London Sw7 2su

63 Cornwall Gardens, London Sw7 4bd

Emperor's Gate Centre For Health, 49 Emperor's Gate, London Sw7 4hj

The Surgery, 45 Rosary Gardens, London Sw7 4nq

45 Rosary Gardens, London Sw7 4nq

7 Kynance Place, Gloucester Road, London Sw7 4qs

The Surgery, 7 Stanhope Mews West, London Sw7 5rb

South Lambeth Road Practice, 1 Selway House, 272 South Lambeth Road, London Sw8 1ul

53 Lansdowne Gardens, London Sw8 2el

278 Wandsworth Road, London Sw8 2jr

178a Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, London Sw8 2la

Mawbey Brough Health Centre, 39 Wilcox Close, London Sw8 2ud

514 Wandsworth Road, London Sw8 3lt

455 Wandsworth Road, London Sw8 4nx

Lambeth Surgery, 28 South Island Place, London Sw9 0dx

75 Clapham Road, London Sw9 0hz

91 Vassall Road, London Sw9 6hn

Myatts Field Health Centre, Foxley Square, London Sw9 6se

The Iveagh House Surgery, Iveagh House, Loughborough Road, London Sw9 7se

Pavilion Practice, 9 Brighton Terrace, London Sw9 8dj

328 Clapham Road, London Sw9 9ae

Grantham Centre, Beckett House, Grantham Road, London Sw9 9dl

The Gatehouse Surgery, 134-136 Landor Road, Stockwell, London Sw9 9nu

Stockwell Group Practice, Buckmaster House, 107 Stockwell Park Road, Stockwell Park Estate, London Sw9 9tj

409 Kings Road, London Sw10 0lr

14 Fernshaw Road, London Sw10 0tf

Worlds End Health Centre, 529 Kings Road, London Sw10 0ud

The Redcliffe Surgery, 80 Redcliffe Street, London Sw10 9dt

42 Drayton Gardens, London Sw10 9sa

38 Roseneath Road, London Sw11 6aq

85 Nightingale Lane, London Sw12 8nx

The Surgery, 1a Glebe Road, Barnes, London Sw13 0dr

Essex House, Station Road, Barnes, London Sw13 0lw

22 Castelnau, Barnes, London Sw13 9ru

170 Putney Bridge Road, London Sw15 2ng

1a Ullswater Crescent, Kingston Vale, Surrey Sw15 3rg

19 Briar Walk, London Sw15 6ud

Shrubbery House, 13 Prentis Road, London Sw16 1qb

The Liberal Synagogue, Prentis Road Sw16 1qb

Valley Road Surgery, 139 Valley Road, London Sw16 2xt

51 Norbury Crescent, Norbury, London Sw16 4js

Streatham Common Group Practice, St Andrews Hall, Builders Field Road, London Sw16 5ls

Fairview Medical Centre, 69 Fairview Road, Norbury, London Sw16 5px

106 Greyhound Lane, London Sw16 5rw

9 Streatham Vale, London Sw16 5se

134 Gleneagle Road, London Sw16 6ba

The Garratt Lane Surgery, 657/659 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London SW17 0PB

81-83 Elborough Street, Southfields, London Sw18 5ds

17 Elsenham Street, Southfields, London Sw18 5nu

78 Granville Road, Southfields, London Sw18 5sg

24 High Street, Colliers Wood, London Sw19 2ae

145 Merton Road, Wimbledon, London Sw19 5eq

Tudor Lodge Health Centre, Victoria Drive, London Sw19 6ae

132 Grand Drive, Raynes Park, London Sw20 9ea

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