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Melbourne Grove Medical, Practice Melbourne Grove, East Dulwich, London SE22 8QN

The Park Practice, 113 ANERLEY ROAD LONDON SE20 8AJ

The Acorn Surgery, 136 Meeting House Lane, Peckham SE15 2UA

South East Doctors On Call, Dulwich Hospital, East Dulwich Grove, London SE22 8PT

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surgery addresses

1 New Cross Road, London Se14 5ds

42 Gellatly Road, New Cross, London Se14 5tt

Clifton Rise Group Practice, 27 Clifton Rise, New Cross, London Se14 6er

The Medical Centre, 24 Laurie Grove, London Se14 6nh

453a New Cross Road, London Se14 6ta

Mornington Surgery, 433 New Cross Road, London Se14 6td

Jayram Surgery, 502/504 New Cross Road, London Se14 6tj

12 Queens Road, London Se15 2pt

123 Evelina Road, London Se15 3hb

Lister Health Centre, 1 Camden Square, Camden Estate Se15 3lw

The Nunead Surgery, 58 Nunhead Grove, Nunhead, London Se15 3ly

1 Maxted Road, London Se15 4ll

The Surgery, 12 Sternhall Lane, Peckham, London Se15 4nt

Isidore Crown Medical Centre , 60 Chadwick Road, Peckham, London Se15 4pu

The Peckham Hill Street Surgery, 143 Peckham Hill Street, London Se15 5jz

The Ragular Surgery, 10 Trafalgar Avenue, London Se15 6nr

Albion Street Health Centre, 87 Albion Street, London Se16 1jx

Surrey Docks Health Centre, Downtown Road, Off Salter Road, London Se16 1np

57 Hawkstone Road, London Se16 2pe

34 Rotherhithe New Road, London Se16 2ps

The Avicenna Health Centre, 2 Verney Way, London Se16 3ha

North Aisle, St.James Church, Thurland Road, London Se16 4aa

The Alfred Salter Medical Centre, 6-8 Drummond Road, London Se16 4bu

Heygate Centre Buildings, 27-29 Brandon Street, London Se17 1jr

1 Richmond House, East Street, London Se17 2du

301 East Street, Walworth, London Se17 2sx

Walworth Road Surgery, 1 Manor Place, London Se17 3bd

33 Penrose Street, London Se17 3dw

7 Maddock Way, Cooks Road, London Se17 3nh

141 Plumstead Road, London Se18

60 Central Hill, Upper Norwood, London Se19 1dt

Pasteur Primary Care Centre, 13 Gypsy Hill, London Se19 1qg

Auckland Surgery, 84a Auckland Road, Upper Norwood, London Se19 2df

Crown Dale Medical Centre, 61 Crown Dale, London Se19 3ny

The Robin Hood Surgery, 94 Croydon Road, Anerley, London SE20 7AB

The Park Practice, 113 Anerley Road, Anerley, London Se20 8aj

The Surgery, 182 Anerley Road, London SE20 8BL

Paxton Green Health Centre, 1 Alleyn Park, London Se21 8au

The Rosendale Surgery, 103a Rosendale Road, West Dulwich, London Se21 8ez

Forest Hill Road Group Practice, 1 Forest Hill Road, Dulwich Se22 0sq

417 Lordship Lane, London Se22 8jn

306 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London Se22 8ly

Melbourne Grove Medical Practice, Melbourne Grove, London Se22 8qn

59 East Dulwich Road, London Se22 9as

The Dulwich Medical Centre, 163-169 Crystal Palace Road, East Dulwich, London Se22 9ep

75 Pellatt Road, London Se22 9jg

The Surgery, The Gardens, London Se22 9qu

262 Stanstead Road, London Se23 1de

The Jenner Health Centre, 201 Stanstead Road, London Se23 1hu

The Vale Medical Centre, 195-197 Perry Vale, Se23 2jf

41 Waldram Park Road, London Se23 2pw

1-3 Herne Hill Road, London Se24 0au

117 Norwood Road, Herne Hill, London Se24 9ae

116 Norwood Road, London Se24 9bb

Elm Lodge Surgery, 2 Burbage Road, London Se24 9hj

Herne Hill Group Practice, 74 Herne Hill, London Se24 9qp

Sydenham Green Health Centre, 26 Holmshaw Close, London Se26 4th

Sydenham Surgery, 2 Sydenham Road, London Se26 5qw

Wells Park Practice, 1a Wells Park Road, Sydenham, London Se26 6jq

The Knight's Hill Surgery, 130 Knight's Hill, West Norwood, London Se27 0st

483 Norwood Road, London Se27 9dj

39 Lancaster Avenue, London Se27 9el

Norwood Surgery, 491 Norwood Road, London Se27 9nj

Gallions Reach Health Centre, Bentham Road, Thamesmead, London Se28 8be


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