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Sheffield (S1 - S8)

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Page Hall Medical Centre, 101 Owler Lane, Sheffield S4 8GB

Sheffield Polytechnic, Pond Street, Sheffield S1 2bd

The Surgery, 31 Midland Street, Sheffield S1 4sz

White House Surgery, 189 Prince Of Wales Road, Sheffield S2 1fa

Manor Park Medical Centre, 204 Harborough Avenue, Sheffield S2 1qu

Northern Avenue Surgery, 141 Northern Avenue, Sheffield S2 2ej

Granville Road Surgery, 296 Granville Road, Sheffield S2 2rt

Duke Medical Centre, 28 Talbot Road, Sheffield S2 2td

Heeley Green Surgery, Heeley Green Surgery, 302 Gleadless Road, Sheffield S2 3aj

Norfolk Park Health Centre, Tower Drive, Sheffield S2 3re

Belgrave Medical Centre, 22 Asline Road, Sheffield S2 4uj

Dovercourt Surgery, 309 City Road, Sheffield S2 5hj

Park Health Centre, 190 Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5qq

Devonshire Green Medical Centre, 126 Devonshire Street, Sheffield S3 7sf

Burngreave Surgery, 5 Burngreave Road, Sheffield S3 9da

Pitsmoor Surgery, 151 Burngreave Road, Sheffield S3 9dl

Best Of Health, 1 Andover Street, Sheffield S3 9ed

Sheffield Medical Centre, 21 Spittal St, Sheffield S3 9lb

34 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield S4 7rx

Upwell Street Surgery, 91 Upwell Street, Sheffield S4 8an

Firvale Surgery, 10 Owler Lane, Sheffield S4 8ga

Dunnic Road Surgery, 28 Dunninc Road, Sheffield S5 0ae

899 Barnsley Road, Barnsley Road Surgery, Sheffield S5 0qj

Shairegreen Medical Centre, 492 Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire S5 0rg

Bluebell Medical Centre, 356 Bluebell Road, Sheffield S5 6bs

Firth Park Surgery, 400 Firth Park Road, Firth Park, Sheffield S5 6hh

Norwood Medical Centre, 360 Herries Road, Sheffield S5 7hd

Southey Green Medical Centre, 281 Southey Green Road, Sheffield S5 7qb

Elm Lane Surgery, 104 Elm Lane, Sheffield S5 7tw

Buchanan Road Surgery, 72 Buchanan Road, Sheffield S5 8al

Southey Hill Practice, 11 Southey Hill, Sheffield S5 8bb

The Health Care Surgery, 63 Palgrave Road, Sheffield S5 8gs

Foxhill Medical Centre, 363 Halifax Road, Sheffield S6 1af

Halifax House, 1 Browning Road, Sheffield S6 1da

Wadsley Bridge Medical Centre, 103 Halifax Road, Sheffield S6 1la

Montgomery House, Medical Centre, 83 Infirmary Road, Sheffield S6 3bz

Upperthorpe Medical Centre , 30 Addy Street, Sheffield S6 3ft

Harold Street Surgery, 2 Harold Street, Sheffield S6 3qw

Walkley House Medical Centre, 23 Greenhow Street, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3tn

130 Wadsley Lane, Sheffield S6 4ed

Dykes Hall Medical Centre, 156 Dykes Hall Road, Sheffield S6 4gq

Tramways Medical Centre, 54 Holme Lane, Sheffield S6 4jq

Stannington Medical Centre, Uppergate Road, Stannington, Sheffield S6 6bx

Abbeydake Riad Surgery, 267 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1fj

1 Wostenholm Road, Sheffield S7 1lb

Carterknowle & Dore Medical Practice, 1 Carterknowle Road, Sheffield S7 2dw

Abbey Lane Surgery, 23 Abbey Lane, Sheffield S8 0bj

222 Abbey Lane, Sheffield S8 0bu

Meersbrook Medical Centre, 243-245 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield S8 0rt

The Sloan Practice, 251 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0rt

Avenue Medical Practice, 7 Reney Avenue, Sheffield S8 7fh

Lowedges Surgery, 127a Lowedges Road, Sheffield S8 7le

Greenhill Health Centre 482 Lupton Road, Sheffield S8 7np

The Old School Medical Centre, School Lane, Greenhill, Sheffield S8 7RL

7 Low Edges, Sheffield S8 8lw

Woodseats Medical Centre, 4 Cobnar Road, Sheffield S8 8qb

Derbyshire Lane Surgery, 213 Derbyshire Lane, Sheffield S8 8sa

Carrfield Medical Centre, Carrfield Street, Sheffield S8 9sg

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