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Saint Bartholomew's Medical Centre, St Bartholomewęs Medical Centre, Manzil Way, Cowley Rd, Oxford 0X4 1XB

Eynsham Medical Centre, Conduit Lane, Eynsham, Oxford, Oxon OX29 4QB

19 Beaumont Street Surgery, Oxford OX1 2NA

28 Beaumont Street Medical Practice, 28 Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2NP

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surgery addresses

New Collegiate Medical Centre, 407 Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 0DA

Luther Street Clinic, P O Box 7, Oxford, Ox1 1td

27 Beaumont Street, Oxford Ox1 2nr

9 King Edward Street, Oxford Ox1 4ja

South Oxford Health Centre, Lake Street, Oxford Ox1 4rp

Jericho Health Centre, Walton Street, Oxford Ox2 6nw

Summertown Health Centre, 160 Banbury Road, Oxford Ox2 7bs

172 Banbury Road, Oxford Ox2 7bt

South Parade Health Centre, South Parade, Oxford Ox2 7jw

North Oxford Medical Centre, 96 Woodstock Road, Oxford Ox2 7ne

Botley Medical Centre, Elms Road, Oxford Ox2 9js

The Surgery, Park Lane, Woodstock, Oxford Ox20 1ud

Marston Health Clinic, 24 Cherwell Drive, Oxford Ox3 0ly

Bury Knowle Health Centre, 207 London Road, Oxford Ox3 9ja

St Clements Surgery, 39 Temple Street, Oxford Ox4 1js

East Oxford Health Centre, Cowley Road, Oxford Ox4 1xd

Donnington Health Centre, 1 Henley Avenue, Oxford Ox4 4dh

Temple Cowley Health Centre, Temple Road, Cowley, Oxford Ox4 2hl

Hollow Way Medical Centre, 58 Hollow Way, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2NJ

The Health Centre, Blackbird Leys Road, Oxford Ox4 5hl

The Health Centre, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxford Ox5 1ap

Gosford Hill Medical Centre, 167 Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxford Ox5 2ns

The Surgery, Bletchington Road, Islip, Oxford Ox5 2tq

The Surgery, Sheep Street, Burford, Oxford Ox8 4ls

The Health Centre, Fane Drive, Berinsfield, Oxford Ox9 8ne

Bampton Surgery, Landells, Bampton, Oxford Ox18 2lj

48 High Street, Chalgrove, Oxford, Ox44 7ss

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