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St Stephens Gate Medical Practice, 55 Wessex Street, Norwich NR2 2TJ - Tel: 01603 228682

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surgery addresses

The Health Centre, Lawson Road, Norwich NR3 4LE

Yare Valley Medical Practice, 202 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk Nr1 1tj

The Lakenham Surgery, 1ninham Street, Norwich, Norfolk Nr1 3jj

The Surgery, 1 Trinity Street, Norwich, Norfolk Nr2 2bg

Newmarket Road Surgery, 7 Newmarket Road, Norwich, Norfolk Nr2 2hl

The Surgery, 103 Vauxhall Street, Norwich, Norfolk Nr2 2sd

Bacon Road Medical Centre, 16 Bacon Road, Norwich, Norfolk Nr2 3qx

The Health Centre, West Pottergate, Norwich, Norfolk Nr2 4bx

Old Palace Medical Practice, 148 Old Palace Road, Norwich Nr2 4ja

The Health Centre, Adelaide Street, Norwich, Norfolk Nr2 4jl

The Surgery, 10 Princess Street, Norwich Nr3 1ae

Prospect Medical Practice, 95 Aylsham Road, Norwich, Norfolk Nr3 2hw

Oak Street Medical Centre, Oak Street, Norwich Nr3 3dl

The Surgery, 29 Woodcock Road, Norwich, Norfolk Nr3 3ua

The Magdalen Medical Practice, Lawson Road, Norwich Nr3 4lf

Cringleford Surgery, Cantley Lane, Cringleford, Norwich Nr4 6ta

The Health Centre, University Of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk Nr4 7tj

Beechcroft Surgery, 23 Beechcroft, New Costessey, Norwich Nr5 0rs

West Earlham West Centre, West Earlham, Norwich, Norfolk Nr5 8ad

Bates Green Health Centre, 8a Bates Green, Norwich, Norfolk Nr5 8yt

Bowthorpe Health Centre, Wendene, Bowthorpe, Norwich, Norfolk Nr5 9ha

Hellesdon Medical Practice, 343 Reepham Road, Hellesdon, Norwich Nr6 5qj

Old Catton Surgery, 55 Lodge Lane, Old Catton, Norwich, Nr6 7hq

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