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High Field Surgery, Holtdale Approach, Leeds LS16 7RX

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surgery addresses

Arthington Medical Centre, 5 Moor Road, Leeds (LS10)

Church Street Surgery, 57 Church Street, Leeds Ls10 2pe

Hunslet Health Centre, 24 Church Street, Leeds Ls10 2pt

The Whitfield Practice, Hunslet Health Centre, 24 Church Street, Hunslet, Leeds Ls10 2pt

Belle Isle Medical Centre, Middleton Road, Leeds Ls10 3dz

Lingwell Croft Surgery, Ring Road, Middleton, Leeds Ls10 3lt

8 Thorpe Road, Middleton, Leeds Ls10 4ba

12 Oakley Terrace, Leeds Ls11 5ht

Victoria House, 288 Dewsbury Road, Leeds Ls11 6hq

9 Stratford Street, Leeds Ls11 6jp

230 Tempest Road, Leeds Ls11 7dh

Beeston Hill Health Centre, Beeston Hill, Leeds Ls11 8bs

Beeston Village Surgery, Beeston District Centre, Town Street, Leeds Ls11 8pn

20a Shafton Lane, Leeds Ls11 9re

New Wortley Health Centre, Green Lane, Tong Road, Leeds Ls12 1je

Armley Medical Centre, 16 Church Road, Leeds, Yorkshire Ls12 1tz

150a Town Street, Armley, Leeds Ls12 3jg

42 Armley Ridge Road, Leeds Ls12 3np

West Leeds Medical Practice, 289 Lower Wortley Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds Ls12 4pz

Butt Lane Surgery, 58 Butt Lane, Farnley, Leeds Ls12 5az

Hawthorn Surgery, Wilfred Terrace, Branch Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds Ls12 5nr

The Highfield Medical Centre, Highfield Road, Bramley, Leeds Ls13 2bl

Heerama Medical Centre, Raynville Road, Leeds Ls13 2pz

64 Raynville Road, Leeds Ls13 2rg

Beech Tree Medical Centre, 178 Henconnor Lane, Leeds Ls13 4jh

Whinmoor Surgery, White Laith Approach, Whinmoor, Leeds Ls14 2eh

Windmill Health Centre, Mill Green View, Leeds Ls14 5js

The Surgery, 95 Moresdale Lane, Leeds Ls14 6gg

The Grange Medical Centre, Seacroft Crescent, Leeds Ls14 6nx

Gilsyke House, 212a Selby Road, Halton, Leeds Ls15 0lf

Ashfield Medical Centre, 15 Austhorpe Road, Leeds Ls15 8ba

Manston Surgery, 72-76 Austhorpe Road, Leeds Ls15 8dz

5 Austhorpe View, Leeds Ls15 8nn

3 Grafton Villas, Stanks, Leeds Ls15 8sh

Moor Grange Surgery, 60 Moor Grange View, Leeds Ls16 5bj

The Croft & Tinshill Medical Practice, 8 Tinshill Lane, Leeds Ls16 7ap

Highfield Surgery, Holtdale Approach, Leeds Ls16 7st

335 Harrogate Road, Leeds Ls17 6qz

Moorcroft Surgery, 646 King Lane, Leeds Ls17 7an

150 Nursery Lane, Leeds Ls17 7aq

The Square, Harewood, Leeds Ls17 9lq

Fieldhead, New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds Ls18 4jy

127 New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds Ls18 4qd

Rawdon Surgery, 11 New Road Side, Rawdon, Leeds Ls19 6dd

Silver Lane Surgery, Suffolk Court, Silver Lane, Yeadon, Leeds Ls19 7jn

The Avenue Surgery, 24 The Avenue, Alwoodley, Leeds LS17 7BE

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