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We will treat you as an individual - not just slot you into a category.

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Where there's a will...

Fifteen years ago we realised that there was an easier way of getting a Will written than trying to get clients to visit a Solicitor.

Writing a Will is one of the most important things you can do for those you leave behind.
Clients need to take time to gather together their thoughts, and names, addresses, and other personal details of the beneficiaries of their belongings, and any other instructions that they request be carried out.

Initially a brief telephone call enables us to identify your main decisions on the way forward. We will confirm the information required and advise on the next stage of a relatively easy exercise carried out by you in your own home at your leisure.

There is no pressure as this is a very important process, as far as you are concerned. You appoint one or more family or friends to act as your Executors.

We will summarise our understanding of your instructions, and set out in plain English what we understand you consider important. We request that you sign a copy of your instructions.

The Will is then prepared for your signature with two witnesses of your choice. We provide detailed instructions on who cannot be a witness. We can then arrange secure storage, and advice on other matters, if requested.

We deal with Probate Work at a reduced cost where a Will is in existence. The reason for this is the process is much simpler, and we can carry out your precise requirements with less unnecessary bureaucracy!

It is always easier to avoid arguments arising by issuing your instructions rather than leaving other people to deal with this for you.

Please call us on 01404 44827


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