If your average journey is less than 5 miles - That's only 30 mins on a bike??
* No Petrol Used
* No Parking Charges
* Gain a few ££££s
* Lose a few lbs

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1 King Street - Honiton
01404 47211

Cycling offers so many benefits

CYCLE opened in 1990 and moved to the top of King Street in 1996. We stock a wide range of bikes (from ONLY £99), accessories and spares from well known brands all backed up by full service facilities.

We have an excellent knowledge base with nearly 18 years in the trade and have seen cycling evolve into the 21st century. The 3 Rs - RIGHT BIKE - RIGHT PERSON - RIGHT PURPOSE. If we can achieve this we feel our customers will benefit their pockets and their health.

If you thought a bike was just a bike please go to our website and browse the brand links to see the variety available. There really is a bike for you.

Living in a town like Honiton, or one of the outlying villages, the cost of the short journey has dramatically increased over the last few years. Cycling offers so many benefits to both health and finances that it can no longer be ignored.

WE CAN HELP - Open Tues. - Fri. 9am-5.30pm - Sat 9am-5pm. Tel: 01404 47211


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