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Holywood Road Surgery, 54 Holywood Road, Belfast BT4 1NT

Kensington Medical Centre, 15a Donegall Road, Belfast

Springfield Road Surgery, 66/70 Springfield Road, Belfast Bt12 7ah

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surgery addresses

Clifton Street Surgery, 15-17 Clifton Street, Belfast

Carrick Hill Medical Centre, 1 Carrick Hill, Belfast Bt1 2jr

The Health Centre, 18 Upper Library Street, Belfast Bt1 2jr

Bryson Street Surgery, 115 Newtownards Road, Belfast Bt4 1ab

Eastside Surgery, 56 Templemore Avenue, Belfast Bt5 4ft

The Mount Practice, 50-52 Castlereagh St, Belfast Bt5 4nh

189 Albertbridge Road, Belfast Bt5 4pw

155 Bloomfield Ave, Belfast Bt5 5ab

50 Castlereach Road, Belfast Bt5 5fp

Beaconfield Marie Curie, Kensington Road, Belfast Bt5 6nf

Cherryvalley Health Centre, King's Square, Belfast Bt5 7bp

147 Cregagh Road, Belfast Bt6 0lb

156 Ravenhill Road, Belfast Bt6 8ee

267 Woodstock Road, Belfast Bt6 8pr

Woodstock Medical Centre, 222 Woodstock Road, Belfast Bt6 9dl

300 Cregagh Road, Belfast Bt6 9ew

The Surgery, 370-372 Cregagh Road, Belfast Bt6 9ey

Ormeau Health Centre, 139/141 Ormeau Road, Belfast Bt7 1da

2 Lower Crescent, Belfast Bt7 1mr

25 University Square, Belfast Bt7 1pb

139 Ormeau Road, Belfast, Country Antrim Bt7 1sl

137 Ormeau Road, Belfast, County Antrim Bt7 1sn

The Medical Centre, 485 Ormeau Road, Belfast Bt7 3gr

1b Drumart Square, Belvoir Estate, Belfast Bt8 4ey

2 Mount Oriel, Belfast Bt8 4hr

Carryduff Surgery, Hillsborough Road, Carryduff Bt8 8hu

36 Sharman Park, Belfast Bt9

10-12 Lisburn Rd, Belfast Bt9 6aa

436 Lisburn Road, Belfast Bt9 6gr

34 Cadogan Park, Malone Road, Belfast Bt9 6hh

Dunluce Avenue Health Centre, 1 Dunluce Ave., Belfast Bt9 7hr

Finaghy & Dunluce Medical Practice, Finaghy Health Centre, 13-25 Finaghy Road South, Belfast Bt10 0bx

The Surgery, Kennedy Centre, 568 Falls Road, Belfast Bt11 9ae

Ballyowen Health Centre, 179 Andersonstown Road, Belfast Bt11 9ea

Hillhead Family Practice, 33 Stewartstown Road, Belfast Bt11 9fz

Albert Street Health Centre, 21 Ross Road, Belfast Bt12 4jr

Grosvenor Road Surgery, 216 Grosvenor Road, Belfast Bt12 5aj

Grosvenor Road Surgery 216 Grosvenor Road Belfast Bt12 5lt

293 Donegall Road, Belfast Bt12 5nb

115 Falls Rd, Belfast Bt12 6aa

181 Falls Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland Bt12 6af

186 Falls Road, Belfast Bt12 6aj

463 Falls Road, Belfast Bt12 6dd

26 Springfield Rd, Belfast Bt12 7ag

Springfield Medical Centre, 44/46 Springfield Road, Belfast Bt12 7ah

463 Springfield Road, Belfast Bt12 7df

Whiterock Health Clinic, 21 Whiterock Road, Belfast, Bt12 7pf

Shankill Health Centre, 135 Shankill Parade, Belfast, Northern Ireland , Bt13 1sd

The Surgery, 136/138 Shankill Road, Belfast Bt13 2bd

17 Ballygomartin Road, Belfast Bt13 3bw

130-132 Crumlin Road, Belfast Bt14 6ar

59-61 Cliftonville Rd, Belfast Bt14 6jn

Old Park Group Practice, 460 Old Park Road, Belfast Bt14 6qg

The Flax Centre, Ardoyne Avenue, Belfast Bt14 7da

209 Crumlin Rd, Belfast Bt14 7dx

Ligoniel Health Centre, 74a Ligoniel Road, Belfast Bt14 8by

The Group Surgery, 257 North Queen Street, Belfast Bt15 1hs

165 Duncairn Gdns, Belfast Bt15 2ge

36 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast Bt15 2gh

515 Antrim Road, Belfast Bt15 3bs

74 Somerton Road, Belfast Bt15 3lh

440 Antrim Road, Belfast Bt15 5gb

474 Antrim Road, Belfast Bt15 5gf

Salisbury Medical Centre, 474 Antrim Road, Belfast Bt15 5gf

Skegoniel Ave Health Centre, 195 Skegoniel Avenue, Belfast Bt15 3ll

1 St Johnswood Park, Dundonald, Belfast Bt16 0rs

Health Centre, Stewartstown Road, Dunmurray, Belfast Bt17 0fb

The Hill Medical Group, 192 Kingsway, Dunmurry, Belfast , County Antrim Bt17 9al

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