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Torridon Road Surgery, 80 Torridon Road, Catford SE6 1RB

Lakeside Medical Practice, 69 Tavy Bridge Thamesmead South London SE2 9LH

The Grange Road Practice, Bermondsey Health Centre, 108 Grange Road, London SE1 3BW

King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS

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surgery addresses

St Giles Surgery - Dr Patel & Ptnrs, 40 St Giles Road, Camberwell, London SE5 7RF

St Giles Surgery - Dr Virji & Ptnrs, 40 St Giles Road, Camberwell, London SE5 7RF

Mill Street Surgery, 1 Wolseley Street, Bermondsey, London Se1 2bp

Parker Row Family Practice, 2 Wade House, Parkers Row, London Se1 2dn

Falmouth Road Group Practice, 78 Falmouth Road, London Se1 4jw

Bermondsey & Lansdowne, Medical Mission, The Surgery, 1 Decima Street, London Se1 4qx

The Dun Cow Surgery, 279 Old Kent Rd, London Se1 5tu

182-184 Old Kent Road, London Se1 5ty

Borough Medical Centre, Lornamead House, 1-5 Newinton Causeway, London Se1 6ed

Princess Street Group Practice, 2 Princess Street, London Se1 6jp

Waterloo Health Centre, 5 Lower Marsh, London Se1 7rj

53 Hatfields, The Cut, London Se1 8dg

Blackfriars Medical Practice, 45 Colomba Street, London Se1 8ee

London Bridge Clinic, 4 St Thomas Street, London Se1 9ry

111 Basildon Road, Abbey Wood, London Se2 0er

9 Godstow Road, Abbey Wood, London Se2 9at

Manor Group Medical Centre, 117 Brook Lane, London Se3 0en

30-31 Telemann Square, Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke, London Se3 9yr

115 Tudway Road, Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke, London Se3 9yx

Hilly Fields Medical Centre, 172 Adelaide Avenue, Brockley, London, Se4 1jn

St.Johns Medical Centre, 287a Lewisham Way, London Se4 1xf

228 Lewisham Way, London Se4 1xl

Honor Oak Health Centre, 20 Turnham Road, London Se4 2hh

58 Vesta Road, London Se4 2nh

467 Brockley Road, Brockley, London Se4 2pj

90 Wyndham Road, London Se5 0ub

Camberwell Green Surgery, 17 Camberwell Green, London Se5 7af

Parkside Medical Centre, 52 Camberwell Green, London Se5 7aq

Grove Lane Practice, 144 Grove Lane, Camberwell, London Se5 8bp

The Hambleden Clinic, Blanchedowne, Denmark Hill, London Se5 8hl

Vestry Medical Practice, 86 Vestry Road, Camberwell, London Se5 8qd

38 Bushey Hill Road, London Se5 8qf

The Corner Surgery, 99 Coldharbour Lane, London Se5 9ns

295 Brownhill Road, London Se6 1ag

186 Brownhill Road, London Se6 1at

The Surgery, 50 Muirkirk Road, Catford, London Se6 1bq

55 Thornsbeach Road, London Se6 1ex

103 Boundfield Road, Catford, London Se6 1pg

4 Davenport Road, London Se6 2az

Lovedale Nursing Home, 84 Bromley Road, London Se6 2uf

Canadian Avenue Surgery, 53 Canadian Avenue, London Se6 3ax

Bellingham Green Surgery, 24 Bellingham Green, London Se6 3jb

145 Perry Hill, Catford, London Se6 4lp

64 Nelgarde Road, London Se6 4tf

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