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The Freemen's Common Health Centre, Freemen's Cottages, 161 Welford Road, Leicester LE2 6BF

Desford Medical Centre, 54 Main Street, Desford, Leicester LE9 9GR

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surgery addresses

The Johnson Medical Practice, 56 Melbourne Street, Leicester LE2 0AS

Clyde Street Medical Centre, Clyde Street, Leicester Le1 2bg

St Matthews Medical Centre, Prince Philip House, Malabar Road, Leicester Le1 2nz

Malabar Medical Centre, Malabar Road, Leicester Le1 2pu

Student Health Centre, Fletcher Quadrangle, De Montfort University, The Gate Way, Leicester Le1 9bh

Bushloe End Surgery, 48 Bushloe End, Wigston, Leicester, Leicestershire LE18 2BA

South Wigston Health Centre, 80 Blaby Road, South Wigston, Leics Le18 2se

68 Derwent Street, Leicester Le2 0gd

Uplands Surgery, 47 Melbourne Road, Leicester Le2 0gt

Highfield Medical Centre, 71 Melbourne Road, Leicester Le2 0gu

63 Melbourne Road, Leicester Le2 0gu

25 Severn Street, Leicester Le2 0nn

St Peters Health Centre, Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester Le2 0ta

91 St Peters Road, Leicester Le2 1dj

Evington Medical Centre, 2-4 Halsbury Street, Leicester Le2 1qa

71 Evington Road, Leicester Le2 1qh

Queens Road Surgery, 108 Queens Road, Leicester Le2 3fl

220 Queens Road, Leicester Le2 3ft

Severn Surgery, 159 Uplands Road, Oadby, Leicester Le2 4nw

The Croft Medical Centre, 2 Glen Road, Oadby, Leicester Le2 4pe

The Central Surgery, Brooksby Drive, Oadby, Leicester Le2 5aa

The Surgery, 1-3 London Road, Oadby, Leics Le2 5dl

103 Rosemead Drive, Oadby, Leicester Le2 5pp

693 Welford Road, Leicester Le2 6hx

The Surgery, 612 Saffron Lane, Leicester Le2 6td

The Saffron Group Practice, 509 Saffron Lane, Leicester Le2 6ul

Walnut Street Surgery, 110 Walnut Street, Leicester Le2 7le

72a Lutterworth Road, Leicester Le2 8pg

705 Aylestone Road, Leicester Le2 8tg

Health Centre, Pasley Road, Eyres Monsell, Leicester Le2 9bu

5 Briton Street, Leicester Le3 0aa

36 Barclay Street, Leicester Le3 0ja

Westcotes Health Centre, Fosse Road South, Leicester Le3 0lp

Limeleigh Medical Centre, 169 Narborough Road, Leicester Le3 0pe

169 Narborough Road, Leicester Le3 0pe

16 Fosse Road South, Leicester Le3 0qd

Westcotes Family Practice, 2 Westcotes Drive, Leicester Le3 0qr

11 Imperial Avenue, Leicester Le3 1ag

The Health Centre, 138 Winstanley Drive, Leicester Le3 1pb

23 Kingsway, Narborough Road South, Leicester Le3 2jn

2a Park Drive, Leicester Forest East, Leicester Le3 3fn

Fosse Medical Centre, 344 Fosse Road North, Leicester, Leicestershire LE3 5RR

Glenfield Surgery, 111 Station Road, Glenfield, Leiceste Le3 8gs

9 Groby Road, Leicester Le3 9ed

The Parks Medical Centre, 340 Aikman Avenue, Leicester Le3 9pw

5 Petworth Drive, Leicester Le3 9rf

The Surgery, 2 Baxters Close, Beaumont Leys, Leicester Le4 0qr

Beaumont Leys Health Centre, 1 Littlewood Close, Beaumont Leys, Leicester Le4 0uz

Heatherbrook Surgery, Beaumont Lodge, Astill Lodge Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester Le4 1ef

21 Harrowgate Drive, Birstall, Leicester Le4 3gq

Greengate Medical Centre, 1 Greengate Lane, Birstall, Leicester Le4 3jf

Birstall Medical Centre, 4 Whiles Lane, Birstall, Leicester Le4 4ee

Surgery, 4 Cross Street, Leicester Le4 5ba

10 Broadhurst Street, Leicester Le4 6nf

122 Canon Street, Leicester Le4 6nl

Rushey Mead Health Centre, 8 Lockerbie Walk, Leicester Le4 7zx

Silverdale Medical Practice, 6 Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 8NN

46-48 Uppingham Road, Leicester Le5 0qd

190 Uppingham Road, Leicester Le5 0qg

111-113 Netherhall Road, Leicester Le5 1dr

Charnwood Health Centre, 1 Spinney Hill Road, Leicester Le5 3gh

Spinney Hill Medical Centre, 143 St Saviours Road, Leicester LE5 3HX

East Leicester Medical Practice, 131 Uppingham Road, Leicester Le5 4bp

The Medical Practice, 352 East Park Road, Leicester LE5 5AY

The Surgery, 264 East Park Road, Leicester Le5 5fd

440 East Park Road, Leicester Le5 5hh

Ar Razi Medical Centre, 1 Evington Lane, Leicester, Leicestershire LE5 5PQ

The Surgery, 155 Downing Drive, Evington, Leicester Le5 6lp

The Parks Medical Centre, 340 Aikman Avenue, Leicester Le5 6lp

26 Rookery Lane, Groby, Leics Le6 0gl

Ratby Surgery, 122 Station Road, Ratby, Leicester Le6 0jp

The Surgery, 99 Belvoir Road, Coalville, Leicestershire Le6 2ph

Coalville Health Centre, 1 Market Street, Coalville, Leics Le6 3dx

Health Centre, Melton Road, Syston, Leicester Le7 2eq

21a The Nook, Anstey, Leicester Le7 7az

4 Market Place, Billesdon, Leicester Le7 9aj

Kibworth Health Centre, Smeeton Road, Kibworth, Leicester, Leicestershire LE8 0LG

24 Long Street, Wigston, Leicester Le8 2ah

Hazlemere Surgery, 58 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester Le8 3dn

Northfield Road, Blaby, Leicester Le8 4gu

The Old School Surgery, Hinckley Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicester Le9 4lj

The Limes Medical Centre, 65 Leicester Road, Narborough, Leics Le9 5du

Health Centre, Thornton Drive, Narborough, Leicester Le9 5gx

Health Centre, Narborough, Leicester Le9 5gx

17 Stewart Avenue, Narborough, Leics Le9 5ln

Enderby Medical Centre, 80 King Street, Enderby, Leicester Le9 5nt

Heath Lane Surgery, Earl Shilton, Leicester, Leicestershire LE9 7PB

Clarendon Park Medical Centre, 296 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester LE2 3AG

Oakmeadow Surgery, 87 Tatlow Road, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8NF

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