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Lister House Surgery, 53 Harrington Street, Derby

Park Farm Medical Centre, 3 Park Farm Centre, Derby, Derbyshire De22 2qn

Church Farm Primary Care Centre, Steeple Drive, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3TH

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surgery addresses

Vernon Street Medical Centre, 13 Vernon Street, Derby, Derbyshire De1 1fw

Wilson Street Surgery, 11 Wilson Street, Derby, Derbyshire DE1 1PG

The Charnwood Surgery, 5 Burton Road, Derby De1 1th

Wellside Medical Centre, 3 Burton Ra, Derby De1 1th

119 Osmaston Road, Derby De1 2ga

The Surgey, 12 Charnwood Street, Derby, Derbyshire De1 2gt

25 Charnwood Street, Derby De1 2gu

15 Leopold Street, Derby De1 2he

The Surgery, 90 Macklin Street, Derby, Derbyshire De1 2jx

Derwent Medical Centre, 26 North Street, Derby De1 3az

14 Boulton Lane, Alvaston, Derby De2 0ge

The Medical Centre, Keldholme Lane, Alvaston, Derby De2 0ry

Mayfield Road Surgery, 6 Mayfield Road, Chaddesden, Derby De2 6ew

Ascot Medical Centre, 690 Osmaston Road, Derby De2 8gt

1149 London Road, Alvaston, Derby, Derbyshire De2 8qf

The New Surgery, 1217 London Road, Alvaston, Derby, Derbyshire De2 8qj

60 Sale Street, Derby De3 3gd

Mickleover Surgery, 10 Cavendish, Mickleover, Derby, Derbyshire De3 5bj

The Summitt, 219 Burton Road, Derby, Derbyshire De3 6ae

North Street Surgery, 2 North Street, Littleover, Derby De3 6bj

63-65 Clarence Road, Normanton, Derby De3 6lr

Village Surgery, 233 Village Street, Derby, Derbyshire De3 8dd

100 Douglas Street, Derby, Derbyshire De3 8jl

Brailsford Medical Centre, The Green, Brailsford, Derby De6 3bx

7 Ecclesbourne Avenue, Duffield, Derby De6 4ge

The Surgery, 4 Repton Road, Willington, Derby De65 6bx

17 Derby Road, Chellaston, Derby De7 1sa

The Arthur Medical Centre, Four Lane Ends, Horsley Woodhouse, Derby De7 6ax

Oakwood Surgery, 380 Bishops Drive, Oakwood, Derby De21 2df

The Park Medical Centre, Chaddesden Surgery, Maine Drive, Chaddesden, Derby De21 6la

Chaddesden Medical Centre, 465/7 Nottingham Road, Chaddesden, Derby, Derbyshire De21 6nb

The Brook Medical Centre, 183 Kedleston Road, Derby, Derbyshire De22 1ft

Park Lane Surgery, 2 Park Lane, Allestree, Derby, Derbyshire De22 2ds

Littleover Medical Centre, 640 Burton Road, Littleover, Derby De23 6el

The Dale Medical Centre, 30 Lower Dale Road, Derby De23 6wy

212 Osmaston Road, Derby, Derbyshire De23 8jx

Peartree Medical Centre, 159 Peartree Road, Derby, De23 8nq

Normanton Medical Centre, 151 St Thomas' Road, Nornmanton, Deby De23 8rh

Normanton Medical Centre, 63/65 Clarence Rd, Derby, Derbyshire De23 8rw

Derby Lane Medical Centre, 30 Derby Lane, Derby De23 8ua

Alvaston Medical Centre, 14 Boulton Lane, Alvaston, Derby De24 0ge

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